SensoTech V10 Controller

SensoTech Controller

The controller is the interface between the operator and the sensor.

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SensoTech Sensors

SensoTech Sensors

Measuring can be so simple: our sensors have no moving parts that can wear out or age.

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SensoTech Hydrofluoric Acid

Concentration measurement in binary liquids
Sonic velocity depends on substance compressibility
and density. With a known distance (d) between

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SensoTech Bath Monitoring

Bath Preparation
During the mixing of bath chemicals from supplied
concentrates and the solvent (e.g. water), dilution
control for target concentration is necessary as

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SensoTech 3 Component Analysis

Measuring principle
The measuring system LiquiSonic® 40 enables the
concentration measurement in 3-component mixtures.
A 3-component mixture usually means a liquid

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SensoTech Beverages and Liquid Food

Technical production procedures in the food and beverage industry are characterized by various manufacturing processes.

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SensoTech Chemical Industry

Controlling the process optimally and safely requires information provided promptly through a rugged and fast process analytical technology. Using the LiquiSonic® measuring technology and its easy

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SensoTech Chlorine-Alkali Electrolysis

The chlorine-alkali electrolysis is an important procedure in the chemical industry. Here the products chlorine, hydrogen, hydrochloric acid and caustic soda are generated from sodium chloride.

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SensoTech Crystallisation Monitoring

Sonic velocity measurement is used to determine crystallization parameters and to control crystallization processes.

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SensoTech Metal Industry

In the steel production, the LiquiSonic® measuring
technology is used in numerous process levels to
optimize operations. With this technology it is possible

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