SensoTech Bath Monitoring

Bath Monitoring

Bath Preparation
During the mixing of bath chemicals from supplied
concentrates and the solvent (e.g. water), dilution
control for target concentration is necessary as
it ensures an efficient use of the materials used
with consistent implementation of quality-related
parameters. The dilution control can also be done
directly in the bath in a separate storage tank.

Bath Maintenance
Process documentation is particularly important to
have a proof of compliance with the quality related
parameters „bath concentration“ and „bath temperature“
within the process chain.
The information on bath concentration is used to
redose the cleaning agent or solvent, compensating
carryover or evaporation-related losses.
Changing cleaning baths in batch processes, the
determination of the contamination degree is important.
When the maximum contamination level is
reached, a bath change is signalled automatically.
The change frequency is flexible and depends on
the contamination of industrial parts and capacity.

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