SensoTech Beverages and Liquid Food

Beverages and Liquid Food

Technical production procedures in the food and beverage industry are characterized by various manufacturing processes. Applied in individual process stages, the LiquiSonic® measuring technology enables the user to continuously monitor product quality, increase the yield and decrease raw material and energy consumption in the long term.
Typical processes and applications in which the LiquiSonic® analyzers are applied are listed in the table below.

Process Application
·· wort
·· whey
·· starch
·· cream cheese
separation, decantation and phase separation
·· filter
·· filler
·· milk standardization
·· lauter tun
·· extract manufacturing
·· cooking oil (hexane)
·· CO2 (hypercritical)
·· coffee, tea, wine
·· herbs
blending, mixing
·· brewery and mixed drinks
·· soft drinks
·· juices
cooling cristallization
·· edible oil
·· lactose
·· vitamins
·· sugar/sweeteners


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