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Chemical Industry

Controlling the process optimally and safely requires information provided promptly through a rugged and fast process analytical technology. Using the LiquiSonic® measuring technology and its easy integration into existing plant engineering systems at relatively low project costs enables partly significant improvements of the plant capacity, the process safety or product yields.

The LiquiSonic® systems are used in many fields of application particularly in the chemical industry:
·· fast detection of transitions between product and carrier phases (LiquiSonic® 20 or 30)
·· concentration measurements at different process steps related to quality and safety (LiquiSonic® 20 or 30)
·· concentration measurement in complex mixtures of substances (multi-component analysis) to control procedural processes (LiquiSonic® 40)
·· reaction monitoring of complex processes such as polymerization or crystallization to optimize yields, product quality and process safety (LiquiSonic® 30)

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