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In the steel production, the LiquiSonic® measuring
technology is used in numerous process levels to
optimize operations. With this technology it is possible
to save process chemicals, such as acids and
cooling lubricants without influencing the surface
finish negatively. Thus, the online measuring technology
ensures a permanent and consistently high
quality of products.
In the following, applications in pickling bath and
cold rolling processes are demonstrated as examples,
whereas related measuring tasks are used in
further processes. Regarding the measuring technology,
hydrochloric acid pickling solutions do not
differ from sulfuric acid pickling solutions.
The surface finish is explained, for example, within
the galvanizing process in the following.
For the concentration determination of different process
liquids, the LiquiSonic® measuring technology
is integrated into process engineering operations
for the steel production.
The device is in two different versions available, the
LiquiSonic® 30 and LiquiSonic® 40. Both devices
detect the new process status within seconds and
transfer the data volume to the Process Control

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