AMETEK Model 5000 Moisture Analyzer

The versatile AMETEK Model 5000 is a highly sensitive moisture analyzer for process applications where the continuous, reliable measurement of moisture in vapors and gases is required.

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WDG-IV Series

The WDG-IV series analyzers mount directly on the combustion process and are designed for direct measurement in high temperature fl ue gas applications such as fi red heaters and furnaces, but are View this product

WDG-IVC Flue gas oxygen & combustibles analyzer

Close-coupled extractive design for fast response in a wide range of flue gas applications up to 3000°f (1648°c). completely field serviceable.

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Close-coupled extractive design for fast response in flue gases up to 3000°F (1648°C). View this product

WDG-HPII flue gas oxygen analyzer

Close-coupled convective design for high particulate applications. Suitable for flue gas temperature up to 2800°F (1537°C). Completely field serviceable.

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Model IPS-4 Analyzer

The IPS-4 NDIR analyzer, built on our field proven IPS-4 UV-VIS platform, offers unparalleled reliability, enhanced analog and digital connectivity all in a nicely packaged field installable unit.< View this product

INCA 4000 T100 Gas Analyzer for Biogas/Biomethane

Discontinuous measurement.The instrument is equipped with a process gas cooler. View this product

Dycor Mass Spectrometer System

The Dycor mass spectrometer system is used for sampling gases over a wide range of pressures from high vacuum up to and beyond atmospheric pressure.

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DS 2005 Specific Gravity Measurement of Gas

The DS 2005 indicates the specific gravity of burnable or unburnable gases in a large range of s.g. 0.2 to 2.2 (air=1). It is an online measurement without flame.

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Pury 250e Gas Purification System

The Pury 250e gas purification system dries and cleans gas in such a way that it can be processed for measurement in a CWD2000 gas calorimeter or other on-line process analyzers.

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