AMCS was founded in 2003 and works with some of the world’s leading international businesses. We offer a unique combination of efficiency and flexibility, giving our clients exceptional quality products they simply can’t find anywhere else.

This state-of-the-art equipment includes sensors and monitoring systems, oil analysis, gas analysis, and portable analysis for the most demanding environments. We also provide metering tools to measure flow and usage. Each product has been carefully selected for its track record, reliability and outstanding repeatability.

We work with a diverse range of clients including gas and oil companies, hospitals and waste disposal sites, giving our clients complete peace of mind and confidence. As well as distributing cutting-edge products, we support our clients with a range of services, on site support and maintenance.


AMCS are Total Analytical Specialists, helping your business monitor quality, processes and emissions at all times. As the sole UK distributors for a range of world-leading process analysis products, we can act as your one stop shop for all your analytical needs.

Experts in both onshore and offshore environments, AMCS help a wide range of leading oil companies and businesses work efficiently and control emissions. From waste disposal sites to hospitals, we can help any business monitor performance and operate efficiently.

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