Cloud Point

The CloudPoint Analyser is used to provide an indicator of the lowest temperature at which typically a diesel fuel may be used.

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Icon Colour Analyser

Colour Opacity

The icon scientific Process ColourOpacity Analyser uses a dispersive spectrometer module to carry out colour, opacity and concentration measurement.

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Icon Flash Analyser

Flash Point

The icon scientific FlashPoint Analyser measures the lowest temperature at which typically kerosene or diesel fuel will form a flammable vapour mixture with air.

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Icon Freeze Analyser

Freeze Point

The icon scientific FreezePoint Analyser provides an indicator of the lowest ambient temperature at which an aviation jet fuel can be used.

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Icon Vapour Analyser

Vapour Pressure

The icon scientific VapourPressure Analyser measures the pressure exerted by vapour in equilibrium above a liquid at a specified temperature and vapour-liquid ratio.

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Icon Distillation Analyser

Distillation Analyser

Icon's Distillation analyser measures boiling points or ranges of petroleum production in the light to middle distillate ranges. Distillation integrates operational and analytical innovations for

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Icon Pour Point Analyser

Pour Point Analyser

Icon’s stable and precise measurement enables the accurate determination of pour point and no-flow point for petroleum products. Icon’s Peltier cooling technology delivers exceptionally accurate a

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Icon Viscometer Analyser

Viscometer Analyser

Viscometer’s flexible operation means a range of petroleum products can be measured within the repeatability criteria of ASTM D445, including lube oils, lube oil stocks, biodiesel and fuel oils.

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Icon Cetane Number

Cetane Number

The Cetane Number Analyser provides a quick and accurate Cetane number, increasing the profitability of the blending process. Designed to replace the traditional Engine based method, it works well

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