AMETEK’s Western Research Model 900 Air Demand Analyzer was specifically designed for Claus processes and to meet the more demanding analytical requirements of these new processes. View this product

Model 920 Multi-Gas Analyzer

The Model 920 is a multi-component analyzer capable of measuring up to five different gases simultaneously. It, therefore, performs analyses typically requiring two or more separate analyzers.

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Model 919 Hot/Wet Single Gas Analyzer

The Model 919 is a UV-based photometric analyzer capable of measuring any one of hundreds of UV-absorbing compounds. View this product

Model 909 Hot/wet Single Gas Mass Flow CEM

The analyzer is specifically configured for monitoring stack emissions on a mass rate basis. View this product

Model 910 Hot/wet Multi-Gas CEM

The Model 910 is a version of the Model 920 specifically configured for monitoring stack emissions on a mass rate basis. View this product

INCA 4000 T100 Gas Analyzer for Biogas/Biomethane

Discontinuous measurement.The instrument is equipped with a process gas cooler. View this product

Pury 250e Gas Purification System

The Pury 250e gas purification system dries and cleans gas in such a way that it can be processed for measurement in a CWD2000 gas calorimeter or other on-line process analyzers.

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CWD 2005 Heating Value Analyser

The CWD 2005 is a high speed process gas analyser for monitoring and control of Calorific value, Wobbe Index and Specific gravity and as an option, the Air/Fuel ratio of process gas.

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LaserGas III Portable HF Analyser

NEO Monitors new portable analyser is compact, lightweight, and battery powered for HF measurement on the spot (other gases such as HCl, NH3, H2S on request).

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LaserGas III Single Path Oxygen Analyser

Key Features

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