Model IPS-4 Analyzer

The IPS-4 NDIR analyzer, built on our field proven IPS-4 UV-VIS platform, offers unparalleled reliability, enhanced analog and digital connectivity all in a nicely packaged field installable unit.< View this product

INCA 4000 T100 Gas Analyzer for Biogas/Biomethane

Discontinuous measurement.The instrument is equipped with a process gas cooler. View this product

CWD 2005 Heating Value Analyser

The CWD 2005 is a high speed process gas analyser for monitoring and control of Calorific value, Wobbe Index and Specific gravity and as an option, the Air/Fuel ratio of process gas.

View this product


The only portable viscometer as stable in process as in lab. View this product


In-line, instant and permanent viscosity measurement. Essential for all manufacturing or qualitycontrol applications. Especially developedfor industrial conditions. View this product


Low-cost instant viscosity measurement. Especially developed for industrial processcontrol at ambient temperature. View this product

Cylinder Sampler

TSI LPG samplers enable operators to obtain representative samples of gas or high vapor pressure . The sample is captured in a sample cylinder for easy transport to the lab. View this product

Water Cut Meter ZT100

The ZelenTech ZT-100 Water Cut Meter is designed around reliable capacitance technology. View this product

Water In Oil Monitor ZT100

The ZelenTech ZT100 Water in Oil Monitor is designed with the Marine industry in mind. View this product

Thermoset MIVI 9630

With innovative functionalities and electronics, Sofraser’s Thermoset MIVI 9630 brings the most efficient technology to viscosity measurement at reference temperature. View this product

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