Model HFA100 HGC Fieldbus Adaptor

HGC Fieldbus Adaptor (HFA) is an interface used to connect the HGM (HGC monitor) a Windows based, PC application, to Yamatake's state of art analyser, HGC (Heat value Gas Chromatorgraph) that opera View this product

Model HGC303 Heat Value Gas Chromatograph

The model HGC303 is the world smallest gas chromatograph, which is capable of analyzing 11 different components of natural gas and digitally publishing the derived parameters, such as calorific val View this product

Model HDM303 HGC Data Manager

HGC Data Manager (HDM) is a powerful HGC family component, which adds valuable data management function to the analyzer. View this product

Model IPS-4 Analyzer

The IPS-4 NDIR analyzer, built on our field proven IPS-4 UV-VIS platform, offers unparalleled reliability, enhanced analog and digital connectivity all in a nicely packaged field installable unit.< View this product

Pury 250e Gas Purification System

The Pury 250e gas purification system dries and cleans gas in such a way that it can be processed for measurement in a CWD2000 gas calorimeter or other on-line process analyzers.

View this product

CWD 2005 Heating Value Analyser

The CWD 2005 is a high speed process gas analyser for monitoring and control of Calorific value, Wobbe Index and Specific gravity and as an option, the Air/Fuel ratio of process gas.

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