INCA 4000 T100 Gas Analyzer for Biogas/Biomethane

Discontinuous measurement.The instrument is equipped with a process gas cooler.

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DS 2005 Specific Gravity Measurement of Gas

The DS 2005 indicates the specific gravity of burnable or unburnable gases in a large range of s.g. 0.2 to 2.2 (air=1). It is an online measurement without flame.

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Pury 250e Gas Purification System

The Pury 250e gas purification system dries and cleans gas in such a way that it can be processed for measurement in a CWD2000 gas calorimeter or other on-line process analyzers.

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CWD 2005 Heating Value Analyser

The CWD 2005 is a high speed process gas analyser for monitoring and control of Calorific value, Wobbe Index and Specific gravity and as an option, the Air/Fuel ratio of process gas.

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INCA 4000 (lines 2 - 8)

Discontinuous measurement.

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