Model 888 SRU

888 SRU

AMETEK Process Instruments has been the leader in tail gas analysis for over 40 years with 1,100 plus
installed base of model 880NSL analyzers and more than 100 million hours of run time. The Model 888,
the successor of the 880 NSL uses field-proven and highly reliable UV technology to accurately monitor
the H2S and SO2 concentrations in sulfur recovery tail gas. This compact, rugged analyzer mounts directly on
the process pipe, eliminating the complexity and safety issues of fiber optic coupled photometers.
The use of three intelligent diagnostic models (observational, model-based and functional) identify, communicate,
and react to situations that would otherwise lead to unscheduled downtime and transmit this
information via a built in Ethernet or Modbus digital connection. The 888 is also equipped with anticlogging
blowback features that are automatically initiated if plugging is detected by the smart diagnostics.
The advanced thermal management reduces the electronics enclosures internal temperature extending
electronics life by 75% and the 888 is rated for ambient temperatures of 60OC (140OF) without the need for
external cooling.

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