The Model 921 is a rugged single gas analyzer housed in a single 19-inch, rack-mounted unit which can be integrated into CEM systems or used alone for a variety of gas monitoring applications. View this product

Model HFA100 HGC Fieldbus Adaptor

HGC Fieldbus Adaptor (HFA) is an interface used to connect the HGM (HGC monitor) a Windows based, PC application, to Yamatake's state of art analyser, HGC (Heat value Gas Chromatorgraph) that opera View this product

Model HGC303 Heat Value Gas Chromatograph

The model HGC303 is the world smallest gas chromatograph, which is capable of analyzing 11 different components of natural gas and digitally publishing the derived parameters, such as calorific val View this product

Model HDM303 HGC Data Manager

HGC Data Manager (HDM) is a powerful HGC family component, which adds valuable data management function to the analyzer. View this product

Model 932 Multi-Gas Analyzer

The Western Research® Model 932 is designed for a variety of gas monitoring and process control applications. View this product

Model 4670 H2S in Rich Amine Analyzer

Substantial energy savings can be achieved in amine regeneration by controlling amine recirculation to ensure optimum H2S loading. View this product

Model 3050-AP for O.E.M. Industrial PPMv Moisture Monitoring

The Model 3050-AP measures trace levels of moisture in a gas through the use of a quartz-crystal oscillator sample cell.

View this product

Model 3050-DO for Dryer Outlet Monitoring

Tremendous cost savings can be realized through optimization of mole sieve dryer operation. View this product

Model 3050-RM Rack Mount Process Moisture Analyzer

This highly sensitive moisture analyzer is designed for applications that require continuous and reliable measurement of ppmv moisture in gases and vapors.

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Model 920 Multi-Gas Analyzer

The Model 920 is a multi-component analyzer capable of measuring up to five different gases simultaneously. It, therefore, performs analyses typically requiring two or more separate analyzers.

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