INCA 4000 (lines 2 - 8)

Discontinuous measurement. View this product

LaserDust MP, LP and XLP Monitors

NEO Monitors LaserDust Medium Path (MP), Long Path (LP), and Extra Long Path (XLP) Monitors are compact, optical dust monitors for true continuous in-situ mea- surement of dust concentration or opa View this product

LaserGas II Multipass Monitor

NEO Monitors LaserGas II Multipass (MP) Monitor employs a multipass cell concept to combine long measure- ment path lengths with a compact ana- lyser design. View this product

LaserGas II Open Path Monitor

NEO Monitors LaserGas II Open Path (OP) Monitor is a compact, high perfor- mance gas analyser for long distance monitoring in ambient air. Measure- ment lengths up to 1000 m one way are possible. View this product

LaserGas II Single Path Compact

NEO Monitors LaserGas II Single Path (SP) Compact Monitor is a compact, highly reliable gas analyser for true continuous in-situ monitoring. View this product


H2scan recognizes the importance of detecting and locating hydrogen leaks as quickly as possible. View this product


The AULA 254 and AULA Fluorescence are fully auto- matic analysis systems for determining trace mer- cury levels in a wide range of samples. View this product


The AULA-254 Gold is a fully automatic analysis sys- tem for determining trace mercury levels in water samples and sample digestates. View this product


The MC-3000 is used for generating a continuous stream of mercury vapor loaded gas stream in order to check or calibrate mercury analyzers.It is also suitable for all those applications where View this product


The sample is continuously drawn from each sam- pling point through special tubing to a heated multi- plexer valve unit. View this product

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