Colour Opacity

The icon scientific Process ColourOpacity Analyser uses a dispersive spectrometer module to carry out colour, opacity and concentration measurement. View this product

Flash Point

The icon scientific FlashPoint Analyser measures the lowest temperature at which typically kerosene or diesel fuel will form a flammable vapour mixture with air. View this product

Freeze Point

The icon scientific FreezePoint Analyser provides an indicator of the lowest ambient temperature at which an aviation jet fuel can be used. View this product

Vapour Pressure

The icon scientific VapourPressure Analyser measures the pressure exerted by vapour in equilibrium above a liquid at a specified temperature and vapour-liquid ratio. View this product

Water Cut Meter ZT100

The ZelenTech ZT-100 Water Cut Meter is designed around reliable capacitance technology. View this product

Water In Oil Monitor ZT100

The ZelenTech ZT100 Water in Oil Monitor is designed with the Marine industry in mind. View this product

Thermoset MIVI 9630

With innovative functionalities and electronics, Sofraser’s Thermoset MIVI 9630 brings the most efficient technology to viscosity measurement at reference temperature. View this product


The AULA 254 and AULA Fluorescence are fully auto- matic analysis systems for determining trace mer- cury levels in a wide range of samples. View this product


The AULA-254 Gold is a fully automatic analysis sys- tem for determining trace mercury levels in water samples and sample digestates. View this product

Lab Analyzer 254

To know mercury concentrations is of great impor- tance because of the toxicity of mercury and its compounds. View this product

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